Safran Electrical & Power
Safran Electrical & Power, a global leader in aeronautical power and electrical systems

At the heart of the design and production of aeronautical electrical systems, Safran Electrical & Power is an expert in the entire onboard electrical power chain, and the active representative of Safran in the area of the “more electric” aircraft.

Design, generation, distribution, conversion, wiring, load management, ventilation, systems integration, support and services: Safran Electrical & Power is an expert in the entire energy chain on board of an aircraft. The maturity of each of our products and our complete expertise in electrical systems, including wiring, make it a unique player in the market. This combination enables it to provide optimized, innovative and made-to-measure solutions for every client. Safran Electrical & Power currently has unique leverage when it comes to meeting the challenges of safety and increased mass on aircraft.

Safran Electrical & Power is also the European leader and one of the two world leaders in aeronautical electrical systems. It is a first class partner for several aircraft manufacturers.

Safran Electrical & Power is on the lookout for its future talent: join us!

To prepare the future and to retain our place as a technological leader, we are constantly looking for new employees. Recruitment, induction, training: we support tomorrow’s professionals today. By working for Safran Electrical & Power, you will also be part of Safran, an ambitious and large industrial group.

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Safran welcomed more than 6,000 new employees in 2014 and 8,500 the year before. In total, more than 23,000 new hires joined us between 2011 and 2013, which is just over one-third of our entire workforce. We strive to honour six commitments to our employees.


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