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MRK By Numbers


Successful Placements

Over 1,500 professionals have progressed in their careers through working with us.



We’ve partnered with over 1,150 clients.


Repeat clients

Over 580 employers have trusted us to help them fill more than 1 job.


Registered Candidates In 2023

Throughout 2023, over 1,100 professionals trusted us to find them a new job.

What People Think About Us…

The Videos produced were the perfect remedy.

MRK project managed this process from start to finish with little fuss or interruption to the business but with maximum impact. We are truly delighted with them and they have undoubtedly played a major factor in our placement and brand appeal when recruiting. 

- Client Testimonial

Lucy at MRK was a great help in getting me a new role.

Provided good interview prep and lots of information on the company to help me prepare. Also Very quick responses both by email and phone.

- Candidate Testimonial

Open, collaborative and very proactive.

They ensured that all ideal candidates were presented for consideration. Change or amendment to role specification taken on board to ensure the ideal candidate was found.

- Client Testimonial

From start to finish communication was excellent!

Not just by email like other agencies, but communication by phone. Taking the time to understand the candidate thus enabling the right fit. I cannot commend them enough without sounding sycophantic.

- Candidate Testimonial

As for our collaboration, it is pleasure working with you.

Throughout my initial dealing with your agency, I had a very good impression. I can see that you are selecting the right candidates for the specific role and one thing that you seem to be doing very well is providing the human support.

I must say that not many agencies are doing right this now. Speaking with myself / the company and candidates is so important to get the right information about the role, company culture, candidate experience and their future career plans.

- Client Testimonial

I secured a role through MRK recently and the experience was great.

Rob Smith supported me throughout the whole process and was very supportive with any questions I had in the lead up to the interview. I would highly recommend MRK to anyone searching for a new role!

- Candidate Testimonial

MRK is one of the best recruitment agencies in the UK.

I have worked with them since 2016 and the level of professionalism and support is exceptional. I’d like to thank Lucy Marsh for her support and help over the last few months until I secured a suitable role.

- Candidate Testimonial

The energy they put into securing your dream job is just amazing.

The word of encouragement, the trust and believe they have in you will just make you more eager to give your all. Just an amazing recruitment company they are.

- Candidate Testimonial

Hands down, MRK Associates is the best recruitment agency I have used.

They understood what I was looking for & that attentiveness meant suitable/interesting positions were discussed.

Thoroughly professional and kept me updated every step of the way, as well as contacting me after I began my new role to see how everything is going!

I would recommend anyone who is considering a change of job/career to contact MRK Associates.

- Candidate Testimonial

I would definitely recommend their services.

In particular ,Chris Heasman who found the right role for me, for I've experienced other recruitment companies where consultants have put me forward for office-based roles, even though I was clear from the start I was only interested in hybrid roles.

I would definitely recommend for anyone looking for accounting/finance part and fully qualified roles, approachable and down to earth.

- Candidate Testimonial

I wanted you to know that I am really thankful for all the hard work.

You’ve presented us top-notch candidates and I am not worried at all about finding the next one with MRK.

- Client Testimonial

Q&A Forum

How Do I Benefit From Working With A Specialist Recruitment Agency?

Starting a new job is a life-changing event, and we want to make it as easy for you as possible. Working with us, you'll save up to 11 hours a week as we'll do the searching for you. Our consultants are experts in understanding your requirements. 

Their in-depth knowledge allows them to pair you with the right employer, ensuring the right fit. You'll develop an ongoing relationship, receiving personalised support and guidance throughout the recruitment process and beyond. 

Not many people know this, but not all jobs are easy to find and that's because they aren't always advertised. We'll inform you about exclusive jobs that aren’t public knowledge.

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Will I Even Hear Back From You?

We make it our priority to respond to every single person that sends in a cv or applies to any of our jobs. Proving exceptional customer service is at the forefront of what we do at MRK.

We’re that confident that you should email our Managing Director at if you don’t hear from us.

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Do I Have To Pay For Your Service?

No. We are compensated by the businesses we work with. Everything from assisting you in your job search, to advice, guidance and interview preparation is free of charge.

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What Is The Recruitment Process Like?

Whether you've been headhunted or applied for one of our jobs directly, we'll treat you the same. We'll first have an initial conversation to understand your needs and determine whether we can assist you. 

Once you've completed the registration form, we either meet in person or by zoom. This will allow you to ask as many questions as you need. 

Once we are both satisfied and you have received all the details surrounding the job, we will send your CV to the client. If the employer is interested, an interview will be arranged. If not, we will provide you with constructive feedback and move on to finding you another job. 

When an interview is confirmed, we will help you to prepare, negotiate the offer, and assist you with the onboarding process.

It may seem simple, but there's a lot more to the recruitment process and we’ll be there to guide you through each step.

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