Our business strategy

“Norgine believes that there are attractive opportunities to develop innovative products which not only improve patient care but also can be proven to add economic value to the overall healthcare system.”

“We are focused on identifying these opportunities and helping to bring them to market.”

Peter Stein
CEO, Norgine

Norgine fact sheet

We are a European specialist pharmaceutical company, established in 1906.  We provide expertise and ‘know how’ in Europe to develop, manufacture and market products that offer real value to healthcare professionals, payers and patients.

Norgine’s approach and infrastructure is integrated and focused upon ensuring that Norgine wins partnership opportunities for growth.

Our employees

Norgine employs over 1,100 employees. We have demonstrated manufacturing, clinical development, medical, pharmacovigilance, regulatory, market access, sales and marketing expertise across Europe.

Our culture

Through our One Norgine approach, we deliver efficiencies and consistencies across Europe, while allowing our local EU affiliates to remain empowered to maximise local opportunities. We are active in 14 countries and employ over 1,000 people.

We foster a dynamic environment where our employees are encouraged to challenge the status quo, build on fresh insights to find new and better ways of working and help meet our overall objectives.

Team performance is as important as individual performance and we will set targets against which both individual and team contribution will be measured and rewarded.

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