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5 Ways to Make Your CV Stand Out

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To have a successful job search, you have to emulate the role of a hiring manager.

By putting yourself in their shoes, and looking at yourself through unbiased eyes, you will learn how to structure your cv in a way that will make you stand out and get noticed. 

Here are 5 tips to help you make your CV stand out:

1) Make your CV Easy to Read

Hiring managers are usually inundated with CVs when they advertise a role. They are understandably pressed for time and will usually spend less than a minute skimming your CV. To get noticed, you have to make your CV extremely easy to read, with a clean font and simple, clearly spaced sections.

If you make the hiring manager read through large bodies of text for a few relevant details, you will have little chance of success.

2) List Experience in Chronological Order

List your recent work experience first, as this is the most relevant and often what employers are most interested in. Employers will spend a lot of time reviewing this section of the cv as it gives them an understanding of your abilities.

Take your time to perfect it.

3) Research Target Roles

When structuring your CV, research your target role. Figure out what the most sought-after skills are and make sure these skills are prominent in your CV.

You will capture the recruiters' attention as well as create a great first impression.

4) Focus on Your Accomplishments

Don't merely tell the employer what you did. The trick is to focus on your achievements. Tell your employer what you accomplished in your previous role, not just your job responsibilities.

5) Don't Use Distracting Designs

Unless you are submitting a creative CV, it is never a good idea to use visual elements. They not only clutter your CV and distract from the content, but also confuse applicant tracking systems.

Remove any images you might have added. Some colour is ok, but keep it to a minimum.

With these easy tips, you can elevate your CV structure and make it stand out. And in just a few minutes! Good luck with your job hunt!  And don't forget, we're here if you need any career advice, interview tips or career guidance.

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