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Are You Finding It Difficult to Adjust to Remote Working?

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To avoid the further spread of COVID-19, businesses have been requested to close the doors to their offices, and work from home.

Two weeks later, some of us are still finding the transition difficult.

We understand that everyone’s circumstance is different. Some of us have to balance looking after children, some may not have dedicated working spaces and others might find the experience challenging working remotely.

Due to the unfortunate situation that we are currently in, this is something that we all have to get to grips with. To try and help you through this process, we have collated some tips on how you can stay productive, focused and most importantly, positive.


Keep the Same Routine

By working from home, you are mixing your personal and working life together. It is very easy to get into the mindset that you are not actually working. We therefore advise that you try to keep your daily routine as similar as possible. Set an alarm (a little later than usual), have a shower, make yourself a cup of tea and most importantly get dressed! All of these factors will mentally prepare you for the working day.

Have a Plan

Homeworking requires self-discipline, you are relying on self-motivation to get all tasks completed for the day. Without the physical presence of your boss, it is easy to get distracted and prolong work that otherwise would have been completed sooner. By creating a plan, this will allow you to work towards a goal and track your productivity levels. We advise, that at the end of each day, you should create a to-do-list, of what you would like to achieve the following day. This will not only save you time, but it will also prepare the structure for that day. It is important to have a schedule and stick to it. As working from home doesn’t require any travelling, there is always the temptation to do more and work extra hours. Once the workday is complete, close your laptop and enjoy the rest of the day. Work should be exactly that.

Avoid any Distractions

Some distractions are inevitable, although most can be avoided if you set some rules for yourself. Ensure that you create a working space that will allow you to focus on the task at hand. Try to avoid working from areas that remove you from work mode and lets you become too comfortable. An example of this could be, your bedroom or any room that has a television. Working in these types of environments can lead to you be distracted and reduce your level of productivity.

Have Fun

Working at home can be tedious. It is important to find out what works best for you. Take advantage of your independence and use this opportunity to discover how you are most productive. Have regular video calls with your colleagues, listen to light music, stretch regularly or even go on a walk during your lunch break. Try to find little things that will help you remain happy during the day. Working from home can be very difficult. Everyone is different and what works for one, may not work for another. With that being said, by following some guidelines, you can make working from home a pleasurable experience.

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