Revenue Management Salary Survey and Market Insight 2020/21

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Revenue Management has proven itself as a vital skill set within travel and tourism organisations and continues to go from strength to strength in how these industries are reliant on its input. Decisions made by the revenue management teams are helping facilities and venues improve their commercial outputs and generate more profitable revenue.

Traditionally, revenue management teams were made up of people in other departments ‘squeezing the job in’. Now it’s a defined cost centre that is redrawing the maps of commercial viability. For professionals looking for their next role and for hiring organisations looking to recruit, our salary survey will help you define your next steps and progress to your desired strategic outcomes.

This survey focuses on Revenue Management and data analytics across the UK for the hotel, airline, car hire, travel, holiday and cruise industries.

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    MRK Associates is a recruitment and career advisory company specialising in finance and revenue management jobs.

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