Revenue Management Salary Survey and Market Insight 2018/19

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Since 2010, the role of Revenue Managers and their departments has grown astronomically.
MRK Associates Revenue Management 2018/19 Salary Survey
Initially, admin staff would adopt the responsibility of analysing demand and pricing accordingly. This was at a time when revenue management and assurance was an afterthought and wasn’t carried out efficiently. Currently, the training and skill mix
is such that qualifications are now in place for future revenue managers. At
MRK Associates, we discuss roles and positions with Directors of Revenue and General Managers every day. As each day passes, their needs do not diminish in the precision of the skills that are required to fill the role.

Revenue management now envelopes itself in a number of our prized tertiary sector players including car hire, airlines, restaurants and hotels. This salary survey firmly focuses on hotels, as these have led the charge in the application of dedication revenue management teams. By the time the next iteration of our comprehensive salary survey in this arena is published, I fully expect the industry to have evolved again. Whatever
happens in this field, MRK Associates will continue to help, guide and assist you.
MRK Associates are the first recruitment consultancy  that specialises in this field
and that is why – as you will read –so many of the pre-eminent names turn
to us to provide them with appropriate revenue management staff.

Our essential insight will benefit the following professionals:

  • Senior management team at hotels
  • Revenue Analyst, (Cluster) Revenue
    Manager, Director/Head of Revenue
  • Pricing Analyst, Manager and
  • Yield Analyst, Manager and Director
  • Data Analyst and BI
  • Hospitality students looking to move from education into industry

MRK Associates is the only recruitment business in the
UK with a dedicated revenue/yield management/pricing division sitting alongside two
other main business units – finance/accountancy and office support. Consisting of
specialist consultants, the revenue/management market has witnessed substantial
recent growth across numerous industry sectors, but none more so than in the hotel sector.

In this piece of insight, you’ll read how candidates and hotels are increasing their demands on MRK as we can be relied upon to assist.

You can download our insight here:

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