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Accountants and the need for Business Intelligence? An interesting article from CIMA and comments.

Counter-Offers are everywhere at the moment with businesses desperate to hold on to their good staff - here are my thoughts on them. Beware accepting the counter-offer!

As we climb out of recession, the indicators show that not only was it not as severe as the early 90's in scale, UK companies have also fared better when pulling themselves out of the mire and pushing for growth again.

Finance review of the job report for the UK - March drops slightly from February's high but Q1 yr on yr growth is still running at 25%.

George Osbourne is praying that the private sector growth over the next few years will be large enough to cover his austerity measures and start to reduce the deficit - if it doesn't, we're all in trouble. Did the budget help?

After an interesting and conflicting set of Christmas results from many retailers, how is future consumer spending looking ?

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