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Revenue Management – Our new project With investment into the UK’s hotel industry hitting an eight-year high of £6.1 billion it is no wonder that the demand for Revenue Managers … Continue reading Launch of a new Job Board –

20% yr on yr growth of MRK Assocates Office Support business in 2014.

Please look at our detailed salary guide for 2014 for the Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Bedfordshire and Oxfordshire areas broken down in numerous ways to be relevant for the local market.

A 'key point' presentation we have recently written and presented to CIMA members on how to develop their career from Management Accountant to Finance Director. There is a fuller version with notes and please contact us should you want this version.

A 'from the heart' blog about direct sourcing and recruitment teams. Following many conversations recently, I am interested to hear opinions as to why many of them don't see the value in understanding the agency market to ensure they have the best suppliers on their PSL.

55% of companies do not have a succession plan in place according to a recent survey of UK FDs. Why would companies not do this to ensure they attract better people and then retain them?

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