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And so it’s over for England Rugby. Plenty of column inches have been attributed to England’s woeful, utterly ridiculous Rugby World Cup, and quite rightly too. The reasons for the early exit for the host nation have been wide and varied; there are plenty of items for England management to address.

Whilst the UK’s economy currently basks in positive productivity, the recruitment thaw within businesses across the UK is continuing. Therefore, appointing a particular role can ensure your businesses profitability continues an upwards trajectory.

The period post summer holidays and right the way up to Christmas are known to be critical to businesses after the “quieter” months of June, July and August. This time is now key for employees who are starting to cast their net elsewhere to improve their career. Good candidates are driving the market, and you can really focus in on the job of choice. At MRK Associates, we’ve spoken to many candidates pre- and post the summer break. Many are stating that a change would do their career and motivation the world of good, but the assurance of their current role is holding them back.

Office politics can be managed whether you have just started or been with your organisation for five years. Some people revel in the “game” that is office politics. Watch them, they’re like birds to bread crusts. Yet, you still need to work with these game players, to make sure you “work” it to your advantage to ensure your work/projects/campaigns get achieved rather than you being swallowed by the business machine.

“I have a dream.” Martin Luther King told his listening audience on 28 August 1963. Whilst his passionate address was a call on America to end racism, “I have a … Continue reading Is the talent dream fading?

The 2015 Budget was a chance for George Osborne to really make this a Budget true to the Conservative pledges they outlined pre-election - to reduce reliance on benefits, encourage business and realise personal ambition. Did here achieve it?

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