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In another new feature for our website, we invite you to "Meet the team". A new member of the team will be introduced at regular intervals. Our focus this time, Managing Director at MRK Associates: Roland Seddon.

Here MRK Associates explores the virtues to business for staying in the EU or to "Brexit"....

Is it moral? It’s open to debate, but employers will take the time to (try to) find you on social media. Whether that’s Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, SnapChat, G+ etc, if an employer wants to ensure you are squeaky clean they will check you’re not up to illegal activities or open to making incendiary remarks.

The Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) definition of business partnering “as a finance professional who works alongside other business areas, supporting and advising their strategic and operational decision-making through … Continue reading A Finance Business Partner could solve all your challenges

December is a month where work slows down for the majority. However, when it comes to recruitment it shouldn't be viewed like this. Use the month, where many jobseekers can take time off more easily, to speed up your recruitment processes and get your vacancies filled before the Christmas break.

The paucity of good quality candidates means clients are scared of getting it wrong when appointing. With soft – interpersonal – skills taking an enhanced importance over technical ability, what if the candidate convinces the employer of their attitude and aptitude in the interview and flops in the job itself?

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