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Office politics can be managed whether you have just started or been with your organisation for five years. Some people revel in the “game” that is office politics. Watch them, they’re like birds to bread crusts. Yet, you still need to work with these game players, to make sure you “work” it to your advantage to ensure your work/projects/campaigns get achieved rather than you being swallowed by the business machine.

“I have a dream.” Martin Luther King told his listening audience on 28 August 1963. Whilst his passionate address was a call on America to end racism, “I have a … Continue reading Is the talent dream fading?

The 2015 Budget was a chance for George Osborne to really make this a Budget true to the Conservative pledges they outlined pre-election - to reduce reliance on benefits, encourage business and realise personal ambition. Did here achieve it?

Last week saw a report published that stated elite firms “ignore the bright working class”. Social inclusion is not a new topic; various initiatives over the last 15 years have tried – and to certain extent – failed. Yet based on the report by the Social Mobility and Child Poverty Commission, privilege is still more likely to get you a “high-flying” job at an elite firm.

Revenue Management – Our new project With investment into the UK’s hotel industry hitting an eight-year high of £6.1 billion it is no wonder that the demand for Revenue Managers … Continue reading Launch of a new Job Board –

20% yr on yr growth of MRK Assocates Office Support business in 2014.

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