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Is Investing in Technical Contractors the Secret to Improving Productivity?

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It has been well-documented that the UK has an issue with productivity and it is something that many business leaders are aware of.

But, in some cases, it is not necessarily clear what is meant by ‘bad productivity’ or how it can be improved with the right blend of investment, innovation and strategy. Productivity is the measure of output over input – this is often measured through value added; the value that has been added to goods and services that are produced in the UK.

Recently released figures have indicated that productivity is moving in the right direction for business – but the UK has still been described as having ‘weak underlying productivity’. So, clearly there is still much that British companies can do. There are theories as to the best ways to do this – but to work out the best solution, we need to look more closely at the problem. 

Is Investing in Technical Contractors the Secret to Improving Productivity?

1) Tech should present a solution

One of the more perplexing issues surrounding productivity is the problem that, in theory, the UK is doing many things that should be positive from a productivity perspective. For example, the country has a relatively high level of technical skills and invests in technology, but has suffered a real productivity slump since the global financial crisis of 2008.

There is much debate as to why this might be the case, but clearly we can’t assume that it is as simple as investing in technology to improve productivity. Instead, then, perhaps the answer lies in making better use of technical skills. One important way to do this is by making use of technical and technology-skilled contractors.

2) Upskilling is the easiest way to increase productivity

One of the most important ways to overcome issues with productivity is in adding skills to your organisation. Productivity is sometimes misunderstood as an issue with workers not putting in the time or effort to get things done, but actually it has far more to do with investment in technology and training. The other option is hiring contractors to bring these skills into the business. According to Evie Jenkins of ClearHub: “Contingent workers such as freelancers and contractors can help businesses fill huge gaps in their operation in a cost-effective way and offers a near-instant resolution to the problem.

The flexibility, availability and experience that contractors provide makes it possible for companies to find the ideal fit for their budget, projects and deadlines.”

3) Specific skills solve problems

Getting in contractors has the benefit of extremely specialised skills that can solve problems. This can be vital for businesses to grow and develop, especially when it comes to completing important projects efficiently. The recent shift to new patterns of remote and hybrid working led to increasing vulnerabilities around cybercrime and data security protection strategies.

In turn, outsourcing cyber specialists would make operational and financial sense for many SMEs and larger businesses. Hiring these sorts of skills in-house in a full time role would be prohibitively expensive, and that can put businesses off doing it. But bringing in contractors can create the solution to a problem and allow you to move forward with ambitious projects.

4) Keeping contractors motivated

If you are considering using IT contractors as a part of your business, you need to understand how to get the most out of them. Contractors cannot provide a boost to the productivity levels of your business unless they are in a position to work as effectively as possible. And, so much of this comes down to the way that you manage and incentivise them. It is important to think of contractors as no different to staff when it comes to goal setting and motivation.

Contractors need to have targets and goals like any other member of staff – something that they can work towards. It is also a great idea to avoid micromanaging contractors; they are the experts and you will get more from them by allowing them to manage their own day.

5) Think forward

It is important to think towards the future and consider the kind of technical contractors you are going to need. Working with contractor recruitment specialists can be the best way to bring in the right talent to your company. Putting this emphasis on planning projects can offer real boosts in productivity you are looking for.

Technical contractors are growing in popularity as they provide businesses with the chance to bring in highly specialised skills at a price that they afford. Doing so opens up a wide range of potential avenues that can be really significant for productivity.

Article by Chester Avey, Business and Finance Write

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