Employee engagement is vital to your organisation’s success

There is a direct correlation between employee engagement and the effectiveness of your business. In most cases, if your employees are engaged, they are happy and you’ll be more successful. When employees are asked about the organisation they work for, if they feel like they are listened to, they will offer helpful insights to assist your strategic growth. It’s win-win.

What must be said at this juncture is that employee engagement doesn’t happen overnight. Your business will experience bumps in the road to ascertaining the equation between ensuring the business performs and how employees feel about working for you.

Here we look at the steps and how all stakeholders will be rewarded:

  • Engaged colleagues will boost your efficiency
    When employees are engaged they care and will be ‘solution-focused’. You’ll find they’ll want to go the extra mile more often and will drag others with them. Engaged employees are typically more loyal and will be fierce advocates. This is nirvana for every business.
  • Loyalty can be relied on
    As we mentioned above, when employees feel listened to they are likely to remain with you through good times and bad. They’ll grow with the company and will proactively offer solutions when you have issues, rather than sniping behind your back becoming an anchor to your business’ performance.
  • Retention becomes easier
    One of the reasons why employees move jobs is because they don’t feel valued. When a colleague is engaged, this isn’t the case. Personnel of all levels needs to be approachable as that means employees can chat openly without fear of reprisals and in turn offer solutions to challenges that will help the organisation’s efficacy. When this all becomes the norm, employees will see no reason to leave. This is good news for planning for the future for your business.
  • Recruitment is effortless
    Your engaged colleagues will want to promote that they work for you, thereby making it easier to recruit. Your employees will chat with friends, neighbours, associates etc and others will like what they hear and thus giving you a wealth of talent queuing at your door. Job done. In many cases, you might not need to advertise.
  • Be future proof ready!
    Employee engagement takes many forms. Regular forums, one-2-ones, as well as an annual survey helps immeasurably. When you report back on the survey results and offer a ‘you spoke, we listened’ approach this helps employees trust you even more. Employees are not daft – they realise they spend so much time at work. Hating where you work is not healthy so if you work for a business that listens and welcomes employee feedback this is only good.

If you are an employer and are considering an employee engagement survey, try Peakon, Qualtrics or you can design your own survey in Survey Monkey.

As long as you ask questions and you’re prepared for direct responses, you’ll be able to grow the business to further than you’d thought you’d go.

Roland Seddon, Managing Director, MRK Associates.

MRK Associates is a recruitment and career advisory company specialising in three distinct areas of professional employment – finance/accountancy jobs, and revenue management/data analyst jobs. Our main geographical focus is in the Northern Home Counties area (Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire, Oxfordshire and Bedfordshire) where we provide a personal, knowledgeable and professional service within these markets.

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