5 Ways to Build a Work Culture Whilst Working Remotely

As a result of the Coronavirus, organisations have had to go online overnight. Consequently, team-management has done a complete 180 and managers have had to try harder to revamp the team culture by holding meetings through zoom.

For the employees, the emails and virtual meetings combined with the lack of interaction, may start to take a toll. Managers now have to figure out how to build a remote culture.

Here are 5 ways to build a work culture while working remotely:

1) Strong Communication

Remote workers can feel cut-off. Videoconferencing is an excellent way to interact, but that is not enough for team interaction. As a manager, you should stay in touch with the team on every level by creating channels through which people can interact. It could be used for casual interactions, announcements and anything else.

2) Bring in Various Platforms

You can implement a variety of channels—both formal and informal—that allow you, as the manager, to check in with your team members. If you choose the right platforms, you can connect with them whenever you want without disturbing the whole team. It will allow you a one on one interaction according to the schedule of your employee.

3) Keep a Close-Knit Community

Instead of communicating for only work-related matters, perhaps you can relax the forum a bit and talk about non-work-related topics such as discussing what’s been on the tv or what the plans are for the weekend. You can also introduce new employees through this channel.

4) Trust your Employees

Now that you have the whole work from home situation going on, you might be tempted to check in with your employees repeatedly to see how they are doing. This is something you should avoid. No employee likes the fact that their manager is micro-managing them. They might feel that you do not trust them enough to do their work without supervision. This can raise feelings of resentment in your employees. The way around this is to trust your employees and let them handle work on their own. If they have a problem, they will reach out to you.

5) Don’t Enforce a Schedule

As tempting as it is to have the team on board at the same time, it might not always work that way. Remember, there is a reason why one particular employee could not function during the day, maybe they perform better at night. As long as the work is done before the deadline, it would help if you were not micromanaging your team. Let them be as everyone will work according to the schedule that suits them best. This way, your team will be happy and your deadlines will be met.

Remember, it can be overwhelming to shift your entire team online. You might even think it will not work since everyone is not under the same roof. However, you have to give the team some time and space and look to implement changes that will bring the team closer together. It is only a matter of time.

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