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Founded, and still owned by, dentist Dr. Anthony Lovat BDS, OPRO manufactures custom-fit mouthguards for over 1000 schools and sports clubs nationwide and are the mouthguards of choice for many professional and amateur sportsmen and women across the globe. A glance at our ‘official supplier status’ logos shows the number of world-renowned sports teams that trust OPRO to provide protection to their players’ teeth and gums.

In addition to our pioneering work in the development of custom-fit Mouthguards, for which we were proud to receive the Queen’s Award in 2007, OPRO has also developed the revolutionary self-fit mouthguard, the OPROshield. Featuring unique OPROfin technology, the OPROshield provides the best fit, comfort and retention of any self-fit mouthguard and is available from leading sports retailers in the UK in addition to numerous countries overseas.

OPRO holds an almost unique position within manufacturing today in that both our custom-fit and self-fit mouthguards are manufactured in the UK. This means that we can ensure all of our products undergo thorough inspection before you they go into your mouth!

We believe that we have many reasons to take pride in our products which are all underpinned by our values of aiming to provide excellent products at competitive prices from a company who is the expert in their field.

Our new website shows you not only our Mouthguards but our Sports Equipment ranges and other products that are available from OPRO

OPRO now has divisions in:

Dental: Through Smileguard we offer dentists the facillity of using our expertise in thermoformed plastic products for the manufacture of Snoreguards, Nightguards, Mouthguards and Bleaching Trays.
Mother & Baby: Laboraide is an oral device that has been especially designed for women in labour giving them every advantage when they really need it.
OPRO360 Sports Equipment: provides you with a wide range of sporting goods including the recent product, RespiBelt, which is a unique breathing training device developed in conjunction with Progressive Sports Technology which is part of the world renowned Loughborough University. Used by leading coach, Alberto Salazar, whose athletes include Olympic medal winning champions, RespiBelt is the must-have device for any amateur or professional athlete who wants to improve their breathing training efficiency.

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