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Motor Fuel Group (MFG) is the second largest independent forecourt operator in the UK. It has 374 stations operating under the BP, Shell, Texaco and JET fuel brands.

On the 22nd December 2011, one of the UK’s leading independent forecourt operators, Motor Fuel Group (MFG), was acquired by a new management team headed by chief executive officer, William Bannister.

William is joined by Tom Biggart as chief investment officer and Jeremy Clarke as managing director. All three directors have considerable experience of the forecourt sector.

The team is backed by committed investors and together they are focused on growing and developing the MFG business into one of the most dynamic and profitable independent forecourt operators in the UK. With their continued support, MFG completed the acquisition of the retail assets of Murco Petroleum on 1 October 2014 and then following this, the acquisition of 90 Shell branded stations was announced on 13 April 2015.

From day one of this business, the management team’s plan has remained the same – ‘To become the UK’s most dynamic and profitable independent forecourt operator’. By the end of October 2015 with a combined company station network of 374 stations, MFG became the number two Indie in the UK.

MFG company stations will operate under the BP, Shell, Texaco and JET fuel brands and all will have an attractive, competitive and expanding forecourt shop offer.

From 1 April 2015, MFG decided to launch Murco as an exclusive dealer brand. The 200 strong dealer network will continue to use this well recognised brand and with its dedicated team Murco intends to grow, develop and strengthen a very flexible dealer offer, building on the great service and delivery standards that Murco has always been known for.

MFG intends to continue to offer its customers premium fuel brands coupled with an attractive, competitive and expanding forecourt shop offer for today’s cost conscious consumers.

Our key objective is to make all visits to a MFG forecourt as pleasurable as possible. We aim to provide our customers with high levels of service; good quality, competitively priced fuels and, of course, a convenient and competitive shopping experience.

Our shops will provide customers with an exceptional product range from top name brands, ongoing value promotions and a shopping environment to match any of the multiples.

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