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Looking for a job? Do your homework on an employer before you meet!

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Working out if you want to work for a certain employer is so important.

So it’s important to be studious and read up on the business, its culture and what it’s like to work there. Here’s our advice to filling in your knowledge gaps on an employer – whatever its size. You can find information everywhere.

  • Do some (web)site seeing! The employer’s website can be incredibly revealing. Read over it and read it again. The 'About us' information can be revealing as can the services they provide. Are there testimonials from clients? These could show the client/employer relationship.
  • What do they do socially? Check all their social media. Read posts and see how they interact with followers and fans. What do they write about – is it fun and friendly? Professional and authoritative? Are there complaints or do they not post anything on their social feeds? If its empty this can illustrate their approach to marketing and promotional work.
  • What do people think? Check out their Google and Facebook rankings (if there are any). What do customers relay? If there are negative reviews, this isn’t a bad sign. However, does the business reply? The quality and presence of any response means a business is keen to improve.
  • Read all about it! Are there news releases on their website? How about on Google and the search engines? Get under the skin with the news they are issuing. Are they proud? Are they successful?
  • What’s behind the (Glass)door? Glassdoor is a website which measures and gauges employee happiness and welcomes reviews from those who have/do work there. You can also view salaries and the employer’s star rating. This can be illuminating, but equally employees with a grudge like to air their ill will, so keep this in mind.
  • Read their blurb: marketing and financial information Read marketing collateral, and if they are a Plc, the financial information will also be freely available. Go to Companies House and see the free information there. Whilst the latter is limited, it tells you turnover and liquidity.
  • Be open-minded Some of the information might be scary, but then again, they are investing in you to help them grow. If you are being placed by a quality recruiter like MRK Associates ask your consultant about the business and be direct. Be a sponge for this information as you will need to discuss in the interview. If your memory isn’t great, take notes and ask questions.
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