Starting Your New Job

Having received your offer and resigned from your job, don’t forget to send a written acceptance to the company and the person who has offered you the new job. Don’t send your reference details to your future employee until you have formally resigned from your old job as you don’t want any embarrassing situations occurring before you have actually told them you are leaving.

Notice period:

  • More often than not you will be asked to work your notice period. This can be anywhere from 1 week to 6 months depending on your contract but most employers  are generally happy for you to work a month as this gives them time to find a replacement. The exception to this are the more senior positions where 3 months is accepted as a reasonable timeframe.
  • This time will often fly by as you will be busy wrapping up projects or handing over work methods to someone else.
  • Try to use this time to network with your new employer and find out what is happening in the business so you are up to speed when you join.
  • Organise a day in the office or an evening out with your new team. These will help break the ice and will make your first day not quite so daunting.

Your 1st Day:

  • You will be nervous on your first day and many people feel uncomfortable in the new surroundings for quite a few days. Don’t panic. This doesn’t mean you have made a mistake accepting the job (although you may feel like this). You need to give it some time to get to know everyone.
  • You have moved from an environment where you were relaxed, knew everyone, and knew how things worked, to a situation where you don’t know any of this. Give it time – you will get to know all that again sooner that you think.
  • To help the settling in process, ask people lots of questions throughout your first week. This not only starts general conversations but also ensures you know where the coffee machine and toilets are if nothing else!

If after a few days you still feel unsettled, don’t do anything rash that you may regret at a later date (e.g. resigning). Subtly, ask your manager for a meeting or quiet chat and talk to them about your concerns.

They will not want you to fail as they would have seen enough of you at interview to be convinced you are the right person for the job – and you failing will also be seen as them failing as a manager!

Try to see the beginning of this job as a fresh start and a chance to challenge yourself in a new environment – see it in a positive light and try to enjoy it.

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