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Finance Director Leadership Event | A Coronavirus Update and Q&A with Tim Pike

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You can now listen to our first Finance Director Leadership Webinar Event.

On Wednesday 22 April, we welcomed macro-economist, Tim Pike to discuss Coronavirus and the severity and impact on both the public and economy. He provided an overview of the government’s approach in addition to offering his thoughts on how the BoE and Treasury have handled the situation so far. A list of the Q&A questions along with the timestamps can be found below the video. (apologies for the slight difficulty in sound, we encountered some technical difficulties)

11.20 – When do you expect the lockdown to end?

14.20 – Do you think guidelines for different groups will confuse the public?

17.20 – Are we entering a recession? If so, how long will it last? When will the economy go back to normality?

24.30 – Will public confidence come from understanding how easily the virus can be passed on?

29.00 – Do you think international travel will return once the restrictions have been taken off?

31.26 – How will working arrangements be impacted post coronavirus?

35.38 – Why aren’t banks lending money to SMEs?

39.36 – What will be the impact on the economy when the furlough arrangements are lifted?

41.35 – For industries that are thriving now, do you think there should a focus on re-investment to try and help the country from going into a recession?

44.02 – Do you think there will be a global kickback against China?

47.35 – What will be the best way to repay this huge debt?

50.24 – What are your views on the housing market?

51.50 – What do you think will happen with the buying and selling of business? Share your thoughts with us.

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