Meet the team – Ciara Nolan

The team at MRK Associates makes the team tick. In this article, we meet a member of the team that helps the business grow.

Name: Ciara Nolan

Position: Office Administrator

Any claims to fame? Unfortunately, none

Phrase you’ll most likely to be heard saying: ‘It’s on my list’

How do you recharge? Walking my dog, Summer

What superpower would you like to have? Transportation

What characteristic do you value above all else in others? Kindness

Tomato Ketchup Ciara Nolan's favourite

Dislikes: Burps!

Five people (excluding yourself) you’d invite for dinner (dead or alive): Louis Theroux, Caitlyn Jenner, Joe Lycett and Ant & Dec

Eastenders or Coronation Street? Neither, I prefer Netflix series

Brown sauce or Ketchup? Ketchup

Takeaway or cook at home: Takeaway

Did you vote remain or opt out of the EU? Remain

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