Commuting – is your current job worth the hassle?

Taking into account all forms of commuting; bus, car, cycle, train and walking, we are spending more time getting to work today than at the corresponding time in 2007 according to a report from the TUC.

Our daily commute is constantly in the press:

  • In January 2019, train ticket prices increased on average by 3.1%
  • Intertwined with this rail commuters face the longest journeys, taking an average of 131 minutes a day to and from work. Over 2 hours in often cramped, unpleasant conditions to get to work.
  • Driving into London could soon become a thing of the past, too. On 8 April 2019, Low Emission Zone (LEZ) and Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) will become additional charges to many drivers if you are not driving a fuel efficient, ecologically friendly vehicle. London’s Mayor, Sadiq Khan, is aiming to improve London’s air quality. By targeting high polluting vehicles, this is one way of achieving this. Drivers will also have to pay London’s Congestion Charge, too. Therefore, it could cost approximately £30 to drive into London every day. Find out more, here Furthermore, other metropolitan centres will also be applying this charge too.
  • In 2018, drivers spent on average 52 minutes on the road to and from work.
  • Round trips to work on the bus accounts for 80 minutes of our day, meanwhile, cyclists enjoy less commuting time at 52 mins.

All the mind-boggling figures, I’m sure you’ll agree. And we haven’t even factored the actual mental and physical stress on our bodies during the commute – this is uncalculatable. Some professionals manage this chore better than others.

Are commuters receiving a raw deal? With infrastructure spending not increasing at the rate demanded by many, commuters will have to ‘grin and bear’ the struggles. That means when this study is undertaken again in 10 years’ time, costs will still be increasing, as will the time spent getting to and from work.

Is moving jobs closer to home a viable option? In our opinion, yes, it is. At MRK Associates, and in the finance & accountancy sectors alone, we’ve seen some incredible figures that make working with us to find another job across Herts, Beds or Bucks increasingly viable. Some figures we’ve recorded over the last 12 months:

  • We recorded 32% more jobs being registered with us through local organisations
  • +122% more temporary jobs recorded
  • +10% more permanent jobs available through us
  • MRK Associates worked with +15% more organisations in 2017/18 than we have at any time in the past. 142 recorded in that time. An amazing figure and testament to our abilities in matching job seeker and client demand.

These figures were taken from our most recent Finance Salary Survey and Market Insight and you can request your copy here. Knowing what you’re worth – in financial terms – is essential to your career growth. Find out more in this guide; it’s incredibly insightful.

Alternatively, you can register your CV with us (via the homepage) and see the latest jobs too. We look forward to helping to propel your job search.

Roland Seddon, Managing Director, MRK Associates.

MRK Associates is a recruitment and career advisory company specialising in three distinct areas of professional employment – finance/accountancy jobs, office support/administration jobs and revenue management/yield jobs. Our main geographical focus is in the Northern Home Counties area (Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire, Oxfordshire and Bedfordshire) where we provide a personal, knowledgeable and professional service within these markets.

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