A nation divided. Gender pay in 2018

Carrie Gracie’s brave resignation as respected BBC China Editor has quite rightly received warm applause. This is a stand that is going to cause the BBC embarrassment and plenty of naval-gazing, however, they have not got anyone else to blame but themselves.

Carrie’s stand is set against a backdrop of a sizeable study of private sector enterprises with over 250 employees reporting the pay of all genders in their respective organisation. I’m sure, on reading Carrie’s open letter, many talented female professionals will feel empowered to demand their worth.

Organisations with 250 or more workers must publish their figures by April 2018 and so far, only 527 firms have done so. There are over 4000 such enterprises yet to release their data, not including public sector bodies and charities.

From the data received thus far, there’s a familiar tale being read. There are some huge discrepancies being revealed which will make uncomfortable boardroom reading. Yet, they must know the pay they signed off. The Government’s objective of demanding this data is to encourage employers to amend their pay structure rather than penalising them directly. However, this will not stop individual employees taking legal advice on whether they have been on the wrong end of what they are due compared to their male counterparts.

The data received so far makes for interesting reading. Many of the businesses named have caveated their data with careful statements being released. The following statement is from a known high street financial services organisation: “We are passionate about fairness, equality, and inclusion and are committed to reducing our gender pay gap. We are confident that men and women are paid equally for doing equivalent jobs across our business.”

However, the data will make uncomfortable viewing and action must surely follow.

In our role as a trusted recruitment consultancy to many recognisable and ambitious businesses across the UK, we use our data, experience, and resolve to guide our clients to remunerate based on applicable metrics including experience, skills, and expertise. We’re delighted to be relied upon for our insight.

It’s 100 years since women were awarded the vote in the UK. Could 2018 see another seismic shift? Let’s hope so.


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