MRK Associates are finalists in Hertfordshire Business Awards 2017

We’re delighted to announce that we are finalists in the Business Growth category at the upcoming Hertfordshire Business Awards.

Hosted in conjunction with KPMG, the Hertfordshire Business Awards are an annual awards ceremony to celebrate all that’s great about Herts-based businesses. We were delighted to be invited to enter the Business Growth category following strong growth supporting northern home county businesses with their finance, office, and revenue management recruitment needs – both proactive and contingent.

The awards take place on 23rd November and it promises to be a great evening, whether we win or come close to scooping the gong. Every day, we strive to offer an unparalleled service to all clients and candidates – our learning continues. Yet, we’re taking a brief moment to bask in the glow of this nomination. It recognises the progress we’ve made and offers a great opportunity to promote our portfolio to the invited audience. It also seems any award nomination is good for business as Chris Phillips, Director for Oliver Myles Marketing, recently told us:

“Being a finalist in a business award category can do wonders for your commerciality– whatever industry you’re in. However, you need to find the right award for you. Take a moment to consider how you’re going to promote it; will it reflect well? Remember, this is hopefully going to elevate your business in front of an audience on the night and then all the digital marketing that will go with it.

MRK Associates are certainly on an upward curve and have plotted this course for many years through their diligence, determination, and understanding client and candidate needs. They’ve picked the right category to promote themselves as plans for the next few years continue to focus on growth and exciting times ahead.”

Entering awards can have five key benefits:

Heightened brand awareness

By using your digital channels and/or sales and account management teams to notify your interested prospect base, you can inform them of the good work you’ve undertaken and the recognition gained by a totally independent body. However, top of your agenda–if you are nominated–is to tell your staff and colleagues. They are all marketers, so make sure they know the “party line” – this is superb motivation.

Don’t forget to write social updates, devise email campaigns to your suppliers, and insert some awareness of your nomination in everyone’s email footer within the business. This is good news, so share it! In advance of the awards ceremony, put a comms plan together of the channels you need to inform if you win. It’s great PR.

Enhances credibility

There are many things you can do as a business to enhance your credibility; continuous service delivery excellence, a regular blog, training, communications within and outside of your organisation, etc. But have you thought of the enhancement your business will experience by just being nominated for an award?

It gives a “feel good” factor to the business and a bounce to go with it. These are happy and productive days.


In a crowded marketplace, where you and the competition are constantly competing for the same customers, what you need is an asset that ensures you stand out. Being nominated for an award–and possibly even winning it–will lend your business an “edge” that could send more customers your way.

Make an award nomination win work hard for you.

A real feel-good for everyone

The key to a successful business is the dedication and commitment of a loyal and efficient workforce. Each and every award is designed to reflect positively on your staff. The glow from a shortlisting and win underlines what’s great and different about your business; this is great news for you to share with your colleagues and employees. It’s a morale booster and the pride you feel should be shared with those you employ. It also helps with retention of your staff.

Why not treat your employees to a night out at the awards event? If you have too many employees to invite them all, why not hold a contest or reward the individuals who have consistently gone above and beyond the call of duty. After all, this is why your business has been nominated for an award!

Pitching yourself

Award wins do amazing things for a business. As we’ve covered, employees will share your pride for winning as it reflects well on their commitment and work ethic. However, have you considered how it helps you attract your next crop of standout employees? After all, people want to work with successful businesses; a business award win does that in abundance. You might have to put up with a few more calls from recruitment agencies pitching for your work!

Good luck at the awards evening, MRK Associates!

We’ll keep you updated on how we fare. Better dust off the black tie and tell the team to get ready for a great night.


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