Meet the Team: Georgia Howells

Name: Georgia-Marie Howells

Position: Recruitment Researcher

Any claims to fame?  Apparently, I look like one of the Weasley’s from Harry Potter. (I don’t know either – Ed)

Phrase you’ll most likely to be heard saying?  “Hot drink anyone” or “Top 4 ACA anyone”

Bake a cakeHow do you recharge? Baking… everyone loves a good cake!

What superpower would you like to have?  Mind reading…who wouldn’t want to know what everyone was secretly thinking.

What characteristic do you value above all else in others?  Kindness

Dislikes: FeetFeet are marmite

Five people (excluding yourself) you’d invite for dinner (dead or alive)
Barbara Streisand
Kevin HartJames Blunt
Tommy Cooper
James Blunt …. A random bunch but a right good laugh!

Eastenders or Coronation Street? Eastenders all the way

Brown sauce or Ketchup? Ketchup

Takeaway or cook at home? 

Did you vote Remain or Leave in the recent EU poll? Remain

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