Meet the team; Kat Hannell

Meet the MRK Associates team

Name: Kat Hannell
Position: Office Administrator

Any claims to fame? I had a little dance with Lily Allen at Notting Hill carnival in 2015

Phrase you’ll most likely to be heard saying? “Can I send the invoice?”  and “Coffee please”
How do you recharge? By watching as many films as possible at the weekends.

What superpower would you like to have? Teleportation- That way I could pop to an island in the South Pacific for a quick swim after work!

What characteristic do you value above all else in others?  Reliability

Dislikes: whistling, that really gets under my skin.

Five people (excluding yourself) you’d invite for dinner (dead or alive)
Sam Cooke, Leonardo DiCaprio, James Franco, Beyoncé and Quentin Tarantino

Eastenders or Coronation Street? Neither! I’m not a soaps kind of person

Brown sauce or Ketchup? Ketchuptomatoes-ketchup-sad-food-160791

Takeaway or cook at home?  Cook at home (As long as it’s not actually me cooking)

Did you vote Remain or Leave in the recent EU poll? Remain


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