December already……..but speed up, not slow down.

It’s December this week. How fast has that come round! December is by tradition a month where much of Industry slows down – unless you’re in retail …………..or Father Christmas for that matter.

However, when it comes to recruitment, it’s also very easy for employers to fall into this same way of thinking far too early.

When thinking about getting new employees started in the New Year you only have to look at the unemployment figures to realise that the vast majority of quality people are in work at the moment and will therefore have to work a notice period once offered a job by you. This will get many an employer thinking about leaving recruitment to the New Year because new jobseekers will come onto the market and if someone can’t start until January anyway then they may as well have more people to choose from.

This is understandable but ultimately wrong!

You and every other employer is going to think a fresh pool of people will be there to choose from but actually the large increase in vacancies that also come on to the market at this time will mean you have twice the competition for these people. It’s a false economy as you’ll definitely find out once your preferred candidate has 3 offers on the table and you either have to pay £5-8K more to cement them or you lose them and find yourself at square one after spending weeks interviewing etc.
Also bear in mind you realistically aren’t going to start your recruitment process until the middle of January by the time you’ve settled back in after the Christmas break. You will have plenty of meetings (strategy/budget/annual plans) which will fill up your diary and this will mean you probably won’t finish your interviewing and actually offer the job until you are into February and, by the time your person works their notice, you haven’t got your new employee until the end of Q1.

WOW. That’s a long time from the beginning of December.

Instead, don’t look at December as being a month where everything slows down. Look at it as a month where everything can happen quickly. Jobseekers will probably have more flexibility to get time off for interviews without suspicion and they would love to have a new job all lined up with their notice having been given before they leave for Christmas. What a great Christmas present for anyone.

So where are we now? The first week of December…..

Get a decent agency onto your vacancy today (ideally us at MRK Associates!), they can have a couple of good people to you in 48 hours (and yes, that’s a couple of good people and not 6 average ones), you can be sitting in interviews within 48 hours of this with 2nd interviews 24-48 hours after this.
So by the end of the 2nd week of December you can have your job offered with someone starting with you on 11th January – perfect! (Or start this process in the 2nd week of December and someone will be starting with you on 18th January). Definitely better than mid-March.

So put yourself under pressure and look to get your vacancy offered before we leave for Christmas.  We can help.

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