Holiday blues? A change is as good as a rest for the benefit of your career

Some brutal facts to start. The summer holidays are over, the children have gone back to school and your tan (if you were lucky enough to catch one) will start showing early signs of fading.

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Why a change is as good as a rest for your career

The period post summer holidays and right the way up to Christmas are known to be critical to businesses after the “quieter” months of June, July and August. This time is now key for employees who are starting to cast their net elsewhere to improve their career. Good candidates are driving the market, and you can really focus in on the job of choice. At MRK Associates, we’ve spoken to many candidates pre- and post the summer break. Many are stating that a change would do their career and motivation the world of good, but the assurance of their current role is holding them back.

Here’s our approach to this oft discussed conundrum:

How’s your CV looking? Don’t forget the lights, camera, action!
It’s always best practice to keep your CV up to date with key skills gained, exciting projects delivered. Something else to think about is a video introduction to yourself that you can save and send on. By introducing yourself to camera, employers and recruiters welcome this approach as it demonstrates your “soft skills”. Be relaxed, and dress as if you were working in that industry (tie, open neck shirt etc). Have it in reserve.

Power of your network
Your network can be influential in exercising your need to find that next role you’ve been dreaming of. Be careful, though. Posting on LinkedIn, Twitter etc that you are actively seeking new employment will land you with awkward questions from your current management. Be smart. Join relevant discussion groups to group your network, go to relevant industry events to meet prominent industry leaders and influencers. Also contribute to discussions with others in LinkedIn discussion groups and other bloggers; it proves your expertise.

Say no to counter offers
Further to our recent blog, if and when you receive an opportunity that entices you to hand your notice in, be prepared for a counter offer from your current employer. As we discussed, the answer should be no. Whatever the counter offer, if you are being offered improved terms now; you were worth them before and this is just a desperate attempt by your employer to save money having to replace you.

Focus and motivation
No one can inject the motivation to find another role; that hunger has to come from within. But you should take solid counsel from those you trust to see what they think. Don’t forget work-life balance. By looking for another role, you are creating more work for yourself, but balance this with time away.


Do employees hold all the cards? No! Here’s some tips for employers too
From an employer’s point of view, there’s not a huge amount you should be doing once a resignation is submitted. As we’ve discussed above, a counter offer is a no-no. It should be rejected. Yet before the summer (or Christmas break) employers should be working hard to ensure moving roles doesn’t even cross the minds of their employees.

Reward to retain
Whilst salary surveys aren’t really worth the paper they are written on due to the extreme range of salaries covered per role, it is important to benchmark job roles within and out of your industry. Making sure your teams are paid competitively strengthens your hand incredibly.

Also look at bonuses and other rewards to make sure employees lives are more enjoyable. Annual leave entitlement, discounts, bonuses should all be considered.

After all, what’s the point in employing your team if they moving at the earliest opportunity? Be innovative, that way you can keep momentum and motivation up.


Why a change is as good as a rest for your career
How engaged are your staff?

How are you engaging with your employees; do they feel involved? Do you ask them to get involved? Are they motivated? Engagement of staff is proven to have huge benefits in the workplace. They’ll go that much further.

In a recent survey published by Personnel Today, an engaged workforce is unsurprisingly more productive, but the scale of the engagement is revealing. In a survey of over 5000 US based professionals:

  • 70% more job satisfaction
  • 70% less stress
  • 69% more willingness to stay in their job

Furthermore, those most engaged are likely to take fewer sick days, offer more innovation and output will be of a higher quality.
It’s good to talk
Constructive appraisals and solid, all bought in training plans are also well received. Don’t save up any gripes you have with your employees for their annual appraisal. Be talking and learning throughout the year keeps your employees happy and on their toes.

At MRK, we give tailored advice to clients and jobseekers – passive and active – on to how to manage their unique situations. Get in touch for more information.




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