Yr on Yr growth in Office Support

We may be in the very early stages of 2014 but so far, the year has started off on a positive note, with the job market becoming increasingly more buoyant for many job seekers.

MRK Associates currently consists of two main businesses, the finance/ accountancy and the office support business and having recently expanding the latter, it is pleasing to see the increase in job flow that has occurred. Our Office Support business has seen an overall 20% increase in vacancies registered in the first two months of this year in comparison to 2013.

This business is focused on core specialist areas of recruitment and, in general, does not try to compete with the bargain high street agencies whose business models work but have different expectations in their delivery models. Our focus is on professional office support staff in areas including Customer Services, PA, secretarial, Administration and Internal Sales Support.

This 20% increase has predominantly been in the areas of skilled Administrator positions and PA roles available and can be explained by one of our Office Support team, Amy Walshe:

“There has been a general increase in the amount of jobs around, especially within the last few weeks. From discussions with a a large number of our clients, across a range of industries, we can only see this trend continuing. Many of these clients are either coming to us now needing to fill urgent positions or they are briefing us on needs that they see coming up in the next 2-3 months. ”

So, if you’re looking to add to your team, now would be an opportune time to start the search before your local competitors take all the best candidates.

“On a positive note there definitely seem to be more SMEs driving forward with their recruitment processes and as more people find new jobs, there will be more positions that need to be back-filled. All this will help to drive the economy and general recruitment market forward. Many of these are new roles emerging into the market, and as confidence grows we will see more companies being optimistic about hiring and taking on new staff. Q1 generally sees a lot of movement as people want to start the new year by regenerating their careers – something we have experienced once again this year – and employers want to get people into their company so they have the whole year ahead to them to make them productive,” says Amy.

The next few months look promising for reliable PAs and skilled administrators who may be thinking of moving on to another company, as Amy states:

“Good PAs and strong administrators are now more in demand and it is likely that a PA with a strong track record will be able to find a role much more easily than they could 6-12 months ago. As companies become busier as commercial activity increases, back office organisation will become more critical so recruitment of these types of individuals will become more commonplace and we have already started to see this happening.”

With the UK economy experiencing its fastest growth since 2007, according to the Office for National Statistics, 2014 will hopefully be a more favourable year for everyone.
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