Beware YOUR social media when searching for a job!

More and more people are on Facebook day in, day out, posting what they are doing and where they are going. Many are on a night out posting updates and sharing comments that, during the cold light of day with just water and salt in your system, you probably wouldn’t post – or would at least use different language.

Well beware – these comments may damage your reputation – and therefore your career!

An interesting article about the use of social media in employer’s recruitment procedures.

Admittedly, the US uses this type of thing for recruitment a lot more than we currently do in the UK, but our recruitment processes and strategies are developing and, as usual, we take our lead from the US in the direction we are headed (look at LinkedIn as an example). So, as this article states, if only 5% of US companies don’t use Facebook or similar sites to look up potential employees then expect the UK to follow suit in the future.

Check your Facebook (other social media sites are available!) account and ensure you haven’t littered it with profanities, inappropriate photos, derogatory comments about colleagues/previous employers or put qualification/educational details that differ from those on your CV!
Employers in the UK are looking at this more and more and will continue to do so – 69% of employers in the US have rejected applicants because of issues with their Facebook account.

No area of social media is off limits now for future employers to check your credentials and real personality traits – be careful – YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

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