Counter-Offers – DON’T TAKE THEM!!

I read a very interesting article today written in the US ( which stated how accepting counter-offers is detrimental to an individual’s career. I couldn’t agree more and have said this to I don’t know how many people over the years, only for the advice to be ignored and for most people to be back on the job market in 6 months time.

Without being able to prove these statistics off hand (I’ve got them somewhere!), I think it’s around 80% of people are back on the market within 6 months of a counter-offer and 90% within 9 months. The fundamental reasons for wanting to move are normally more ingrained in your soul than you realise and the empty promise of new job responsibilities or a bit of extra cash don’t affect the underlying fact …….. IT IS TIME TO MOVE ON! 

Although we may believe we want a new job because our day to day duties have become mundane or our salary is too low for the job we are doing, this is normally not the case. The underlying fact is that we have got frustrated with the culture or strategy or personalities within the business and this builds up inside you until you start to fall out of love with the things you used to enjoy. These things don’t change with a counter-offer and this is the reason so many people end up back on the market so quickly.

Attached is a link to the section on my website where I talk about this: and many of the points in the aforementioned article are reiterated. Should you wish any general career advice even if it’s about how to climb the ladder in your current company please see if anything on my website ( helps or feel free to call me on 01442 824400.

 So if you are looking to move finance jobs, think carefully about your reasons for leaving and go with your gut feeling – DON’T ACCEPT THE COUNTER-OFFER!

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